What is Alberta Bike Swap?  We’re a non-profit that provides a safe place to buy, sell, and donate bicycles. If you have a bike to sell or want to buy a bike we’ll tech check that bike and run the serial number through the only bike swap software in the world (we designed that software, cool eh?).

In 2022 we had over 660 bike donations because we work with over 30 groups that recondition bikes for re-use.  Please consider contacting us if you are putting on a community clean-up or have an unused bike hanging in your garage and we’ll make sure that bike is re-cycled (pun intended).

We also support cycling proficiency training in Alberta through Alberta Bike Swap CAN-BIKE courses. CAN-BIKE is the only recognized cycling education program in Canada.  Chris, the taller half of the bike swaps, is the only person in Alberta to have CAN-BIKE Master Instructor status and his courses are informative and educational.

If you’re on Facebook here is the 2023 event for Edmonton.  We have a Facebook page for Alberta Bike Swap and we’re also on Twitter and Instagram.  We are only putting on events in Edmonton and Calgary now.

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