Bingos are a vital revenue stream for the Delton Community League to be able to host so many events, and we need a new Bingo Chairperson now, in order to continue doing Bingos.

Here are the details:

The Bingo Chairperson is responsible for coordinating all volunteers for Delton Community League’s bingo events.

The Bingo Chairperson must:

• Be age 18 or older

• Have excellent organizational skills

• Have clear communication skills, both written and verbal

• Have strong appreciation for volunteers

• Represent Delton Community League positively in all interactions

The Bingo Chairperson’s duties include:

• Liaising with Castledowns Bingo

• Ensuring that sufficient volunteers are signed up for each bingo event

• Assigning roles to volunteers

• Communicating role requirements to all volunteers

• Reminding volunteers of event times and location

• Communicating with Delton Community League board members

• Proactive troubleshooting

• Acting as chairperson at all bingo events

If this position is not quite a fit for you, we are also looking for a volunteer coordinator.

If you are interested in these positions and would like to discuss further, please contact Tara @

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